Adelene Zyb
map-marker Berkley, Michigan

Great Service, Good people

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I recently purchased a policy with one of their agents John, he was very helpful and walked me through every part of the process thoroughly. He made the process easy for me and really helped me understand how life insurance works. Great company.
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User's recommendation: Amazing company

Kena Jqe
map-marker Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Unprofessional, dishonest and dangerous

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I'm currently working at arias agency and going through the "90 day boot-camp". during this time, I've done everything asked of me, worked very long hours with no complaint and have given this job an honest "go". Unfortunately the professionalism of my trainer and other agents is the biggest difficulty.

When first entering the field, I was riding along with my manager, who, keeps guns and other contraband in the vehicle and is at times intoxicated while driving. Obviously putting my life, freedom and insurance license at risk.

I have made several sales. Believing in the "system" being coach-able and overall doing as I've been asked and told. Long story short, after making 3 sales my first week out... I was only paid for 1, the smallest sale of the 3 at that. My manager told me he'd handle the applications after making the sale, but either turned them in VERY late or lost them. This causes me to not get paid when I should but having to continue to make investments for the job. Gas, Food, Mileage, LOTS of time, ext.

The lack of professionalism and regard for people's safety is appalling! And the number of hours worked (70+ a week) causes a strain on one's home life and personal responsibilities.

So after spending 100's of dollars, weeks of hard work and personal sacrifice, there is nothing to show for it... The immaturity and unprofessional-ism of managing agents has drastically caused harm.

If I wanted to be driving around like a criminal, I wouldn't need an insurance license.... If I wanted my applications lost... I wouldn't even write them.

People here are more worried about parties and cars then they are actually doing business.

They are also VERY misleading to customers on the phone and at times dishonest and bullying.

So if you want to sell insurance, take your license and work for a REAL agency! Arias is just a bunch of white frat dudes playing office and wanting to be "gangster". Even the terminology used at meetings is that off a rap song.....

Beware and stay away!!!!! NOT a real job.

Arias Agencies Reply:
Thank you for reaching out to American Income Life. The Arias Agency office has been in contact with you to help resolve your issue. If you should need any additional assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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map-marker Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


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This company uses classic bait and switch, fraudulent, deceptive, "recruiting" tactics. They might (as in my case) tell you repeatedly that it's salary, one on one interview and a solid career path.

Nothing is further from the truth. A bunch of 20-somethings, clueless and mindless are running around with tablets and phones trying to look busy and important.

If a recruiter named Elaina calls you, HANG UP!!! She's a liar and a fraud.

Calling the company headquarters to complain is a waste of time.

They either agree with and encourage these *** tactics or just don't care if they're used. I'm not sure which is worse.

Arias Agencies Reply:
Thank you for reaching out to American Income Life. One of our supervisors has been in contact with you to resolve your issue. If you should need any additional assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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Reason of review:
Not as described/ advertised
map-marker Ironton, Ohio

Dont fall for it

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I started with this company in the office under the GM. I was told that since they were starting up an office in Florida that I would be the new human resource director.

LIE!!! After I had numerous conversations with the staff about contacting hard-working people and offering them a job that cost $200 up front and then forcing them to cold call hundreds of people a day was wrong. I was told that recruiting was the biggest form of income for them and that if I wasn't going to say what they wanted me to say to potential employees, than they would find someone who would. You are promised all kinds of money and *** agreements of help.

It is the biggest SCAM I have ever seen. They do make a fatal mistake of having you call from your cell phone and offer the positions to people. I informed the people who had contacted me back about the position that I didn't work for the company any longer due to not wanting to lie and cheat people out of their money. My advice is going to a 9 to 5 and stay away from companies like this.

You won't get paid and will be forced to lay down all morals and values for fraud!!! It is the same as Kirby and all the other places who want you to work for free and make them money. Take your resume's off public online because that's where they get your resume and lie to you about wanting you to come work for them.

They just want you to work to make them money while you screw your family over. It's not worth it!!!!

Arias Agencies Reply:
Thank you for reaching out to American Income Life. We apologize that your employment experience did not meet your expectations. We contacted State General Agent Simon Arias’ office to research your complaint, and they stated that you were offered a contract agent position which does require an initial investment to get licensed to sell insurance. This license is something that all agents must obtain before legally selling insurance products, but afterwards, it can be used for insurance sales whether you contract with AIL or any other insurance company. In order to help with the cost of obtaining your insurance license, the manager in that office offered you part-time work doing recruiting calls. Our understanding is the manager ultimately decided that the position was not the best fit for you or the company. If you would like to discuss this matter further, please do not hesitate to contact our home office at 1-800-433-3405.
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Reason of review:
It's a scam
map-marker Morgantown, West Virginia

Stop contacting me

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I have been receiving a few e-mails per week for the past year trying to set up interviews. Time and time again I have indicated that I have already found employment elsewhere and would appreciate if the e-mails would stop.

I have never once had a response to any of my e-mails, which usually reference that they are contacting me because they found my resume online. I have asked where they found my resume, so that I could remove it and avoid these interactions once and for all, but again I receive no reply. I have informed your employees that these e-mails are reaching harassment levels, but they still continue to come in. I have saved all of these e-mails for the past 6 months, including my requests to be removed from your contact list.

I have reached out to a lawyer and have been informed that I have acquired sufficient evidence for an easy case for blatant breach of the CAN-SPAM act of 2003. I would much rather not resort to litigation, I just want to be left alone.

Arias Agencies Reply:
Thank you for reaching out to American Income Life. We have removed your email address from our recruiting lists, so your emails should cease within 7 days. If you continue to have any issues, please call us at 1-800-433-3405.
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Reason of review:
Leave me alone
Preferred solution:

Simply, to be left alone.

map-marker Jacksonville, Florida

Our experience with Arias companies.

I did not attend their group "interview" and have never worked for this company. This just MY personal experience and observations.

They got my contact info from a job hunting/career site and called me. The woman was evasive on the name of the company but wanted me to attend an interview (Red Flag #1). I tried to call back the number in hopes of catching the company name, but it was made through a proxy service which is untraceable (Red Flag #2). I googled the address I was given and it comes up as three different company names, two of which yield search results about scams in several different states (Red Flag #3). Since many of the stories mirrored my own experience, I chose to save myself the grief of going any further.

While there may be some legitimate aspect to the company (whatever their name is this week), I have no tolerance for people who take advantage of job seekers.

Arias Agencies Reply:
Thank you for your feedback. We have passed it onto our Agency Division and will continue to offer career opportunities to those seeking success.
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Reason of review:
Not as described/ advertised

Arias Agencies - Review in Staff category

I saw this complaint and I simply laughed. I worked at ail before and the pipe dream they offer is real.

I had no problem making 2,000 a. Week if I wanted. Its all. A numbers game.

Get enough sit Downs ur bound to get the sales. Look these people offer the public union worker a chance to provide to there families when they die. 2 out of 3 people need to protect their families better. They didn't lie u just didn't apply urself to the phones and the hours needed to make money.

U think a doctor works 40 hrs a week to make 3-4k a week. U work hard long days u reap the rewards

Arias Agencies Reply:
Thanks for the great feedback. We think it’s an outstanding career opportunity for hard workers too.
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map-marker Morgantown, West Virginia

If you stumble upon this place in your job search RUN THE OTHER DIRECTION!

While still employed at a call center, I began looking for a new job. I stumbled upon Arias and applied and got an email right away to set up an interview, But would i find out later THIS WAS THE BIGGEST MISTAKE EVER.

So i got my "interview" and i had to wait a while from where it was scheduled but when i did get my turn it was just a one on one with a manager asking me a couple things reguarding what im doing with life and such. then they brought me and other canidates who were also being interviewed to explain some details about the job. and they mention all the good things but glide over what they should be informing, in this case it was the fact that they want $150 for your licence to sell the insurance. in the first interview they do say you have to pay for it however they did not mention when it was due.

They tell you that their job is like a marriage- theres a committment. let me tell you this is one SCREWED up marriage. I got called back for my second interivew, and they told me that this time theyd be making the hiring decision and theyd go more in depth about the job. Then they proceeded to remind me of the licence money and told me they were going to need that from me today.

AS SOON AS I TOLD THEM I COULDNT PAY THEM 150THAT THEY WANTED FROM ME THAT DAY THE INTERVIEW STOPPED. I told them I was in between paychecks and i didnt have the money until a few days later. They rescheduled our meeting for then. SKETCHY MUCH?????

SOUNDS LIKE THE "HIRING DECISION" WAS BASED ON IF I WAS FORKING OVER MY MONEY I EARNED TO THEM. SOUNDS MORE LIKE PROSTITUTION TO ME. They gave me a really lame exscuse of how the money shows my commitment to them, and they could be saying yes to someone else.

this place is ABSOLUTE *** and I am glad I didnt give them a dime. This is the cool kids club you don't want to join.

Arias Agencies Reply:
Thanks for your feedback, Madison. According to state requirements, an individual must obtain a license to sell insurance. This license stays with an agent if he or she leaves the Company. That is why the responsibility to pay for the license and exam is of the new agent.
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Bunch of *** crooks. You will all be in a court room soon enough. *** don't leave some lame excuse

Telena Xof
map-marker Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The Feds will be shutting these doors sooner than later. READ!

To keep it simple I am currently a high level manager and I've had enough so here go somethings most don't know.

1.They hire anyone and everyone because they make money off of the new hire paying $175 for the online testing. We make you believe that's the only one! it really only costs in the neighborhood of $50-$75. Simon keeps the profit.

2. The relationship with unions is all but gone. After your first couple lead packs they give you joke leads which are names & numbers an old agent put in the system years ago. It's quite comical.

3. They have the lowest commission structure in the industry, but they say their bonus makes them number one. That bonus is a joke & is that carrot that they dangle in your face. They give it to you your first couple months, but then you learn it is impossible to keep.

4. Simon knows what is going on, but he has now put so many buffers that he will not face consequences. His main managers are horrible human beings. They sold their souls to greed. *** his childhood best friend is the worst. He impregnated 2 managers, one was married to another at the time, & he made her get an abortion. The other was a hood rat *** that trapped him, so he got what he deserved.

5. Do yourselves a favor, I am sure you are reading this questioning whether or not to work here. Don't, there are far better companies to work for, or if you are a soul-less evil person, you have a shot to make it there for a little while, until you get screwed one way or the other but their days are number for when the Feds run up in there.

I am looking at other companies. I am a top manager here. I am holding on a few more months to get an increase in my renewals. & I don't care if they find out, I've had it with sitting back and watching this scam get worse and worse. I enough proof to end Arias Agencies.

I wish I was evil as them, & then maybe I would black mail them.

I am excited to watch these undeserving evil individuals get all their money and positions taken from them because that is what they deserve.

They always preach about loyalty, but what they want is loyalty like you get from a dog. Because you will see loyalty is one sided at this company.

And when the day comes, and it will, they have screwed over so many employees there will be a line 50 miles long that would be willing to testify to ALL the criminal activity they have been getting away with for a long time.

Be smart, don't work here.

Arias Agencies Reply:
We’d be happy to sit down with you and take a closer look at your concerns, but we need more contact details to get in touch with you.
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map-marker Valencia, Pennsylvania

Your right but your wrong

Listen, I worked there for 2 years in the "amazing" Simon Arias agencies. Yes it is absolutely a scam but not for the reasons you think.

It is the way the company is built from the top down. When you are recruited and make your first sale the company calls that a code for having a new agent submit 1100 worth of anulized life premium. The managers all get bonuses based on how many codes they have in a rolling 5 week period. The president himself has stated we are a recruiting company that happens to sell life insurance.

However that is not even the problem the problem is its all about bonuses for management the company pays big bonuses to the managers based on your production in your first 6 months of employment.

After you are there for more then 6 months there is very little to be made off of you and you will be pushed out. And oh by the way the renewals or residual income generated off all the policies you sell in 6 months then gets recoded to management you never see a dime. However the biggest scam of it all is they suck you in with there fantastic lead system well guess what the leads are terrible. They have been seen over and over again believe me the arias agency goal is to hire 100 people per week yes 100 and most of it happens due to the promise of 60-80 union members to see each and every month, please do the math there arent even 500 new union members a month I would bet let alone enough people to feed the 225 existing agents plus all of you rookies.

Yes thats right when I left the arias agency we had 225 agents in 9 offices my guess is 180 of the 225 is in there first 6 months so what happens to the other 1000 people they hired this year????? and the 5000 that were hired in the last 4 years yep you guessed it they all came saw and quit but not before losing a few thousand dollars trying to live the dream.

You will hear things like mental toughness people all there doing is trying to make you compete with all these people that have already failed before you cause let me guess your not a quitter right? your a talented individual you can do it all the flies dropping around you are turds.

thats the mind set you will fall into and you wont be able to see reality. Well you will see it but not before your family life suffers because of your 75 hour work week and your credit cards are maxed out and you have a negative checking account balance.

Arias Agencies Reply:
We hear your feedback. Thanks.
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I have no idea how this *** site works...didn't mean to click the bullsh!t button, I thought if I clicked it I could see comments!

Chet P Uhn

I left them in November of last year. Since leaving have generated a massive amount of income on my own.

I could not agree with you more on the amount of money I lost and the horrible leads.

I know that the agency I was contracted with is not longer active. So maybe it is more the agency than the company, however it is a reflection of the company in my own opinion.

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map-marker Gibsonia, Pennsylvania

Dont judge....

Simon is a great guy, with strong morals and determination....those that cant swing the hours or the work load leave...then come on this website and's that far as recruiting: alot of new recruiters really dont have a full understanding of the position and are vague in what they say..this is not a ploy or them being dishonest...alot of people think that a call for an interview is a job offer..IT'S's also not the recruiters place to discuss compensation or positions.. ***, the manager might not even like you..they dont hire's life insurance people, not the key to the Emerald City.....

Arias Agencies Reply:
Great to hear your feedback! Thanks. To check out the opportunity, head here:
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Nasra Zxr

Dude, get outta here with that garbage. I was trained by The Regional Director to lie to everyone on the phone.

They dont tell you about the job or money because its all lies. Only job of recruiter is to fill the seats for the horse and pony show.

AND THEY HIRE EVERYONE. EVERYONE!!!car,legs,gullible, check check check ummm hired

veryangryperson s
map-marker Palmerton, Pennsylvania

Arias agencies aka american income

These people call and all read from a script. they tell you that you can make a bunch of money with them training etc.

its ***. Its totally commission and a few bonus's here and there. they dont tell you its for a sales position. You also have to travel back and forth to pittsburg with your own gas money the only thing they do is provide a hotel for 2 nights.

They also say training but your mostly reading scripts and trainig thru slide shows on the laptop. they promise you so much but do very little. They say interveiw but honestly they hire everyone who walks thru that door. they say you need to decide if you want to pay for your license right then and there so they can offer you the potiotion but really they just want your money.

If someone is quick to tell you how much they make its cuz it fony. you work 12 hour shifts with no pay!

Arias Agencies Reply:
Our Agents are paid commission and find great success that way! There are countless stories of agents who have successfully built their career with us. Visit to hear a few.
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I was at an interview today with Arias and I found them forthright. As a medically retired blue collar union man I found their product something I could sell to my fellow union members with dignity and pride.

When I was hospitalized my family sure could have used the money. If you get three or four prescriptions from a doctor while in a hospital, say antibiotic, pain reliever, and something to alleviate symptoms, the extra co-pay is a drain on finances.

If a wife or husband is hospitalized just the extra day care that may be necessary has to come from somewhere. I already have an excellent union insurance and benefit program, but the supplemental Arias offered could have come in handy when I needed it.I will go for it.


I agree that you have to go to the interview and see for yourself. Evidently they will take anybody, and the pressure for a second interview the day after the first interview was definitely a red flag for me.

Also having to use your own vehicle is a definite negative when it is over 10 years old.

However, for a go-getter this could be just the ticket. I think that I will go back to healthcare or academia and make use of my education.


Arias Agencies is a legitimate pyramid scheme and if you stay and work your *** off you will make money, just like any type of hierarchy. I have to say that it was not for me.

I put a bunch of money into start up costs and the only reason that I was able to make any money was to completely drain my 'stash' to begin with.

Honestly the company was great to work for. Amazing people and very inspirational.

The only thing is that anyone can say the "leads" provided are *** and if you cannot start your business off yourself without them. Then you will not succeed.


I only have one thing to say because I have already returned comments to all of the other idiots like you talking about Arias. You said they make you pay for your license right then and there or you don't get hired.

First of all, they dont just go out handing License's to people who have $175 dollars in there hands. The Money goes to the training course company, not AIL. You even receive a confirmation from that company. After you train and then actually go to take the test you pay THE STATE.


Get your facts straight. And I'm sorry to hear you had such a bad experience..


Eye sea thet nawt uh lott uv peepul kin spel two gud. Man, I taught high school for over ten years, and seeing the growing illiteracy (big word - WHAT does it mean?!), I'm amazed at these comments written by high school graduates.

Poor spelling, whose fault is it, and is it serious?

***, I don't know!If you want to get anywhere up the coprate ladder, a bit of mastery in spelling, punctuation and grammar is NEVER a bad thing. Don't be so dang lazy, homies!


I agree and disagree. Yes, you do have to pay for your testing and training materials, but that money isn't going into Simon Arias' pocket, it is going to the state.

Yes, I have seen some people be successful at this job, but the key word is "some", not all. This is not a job for everyone, even though yes, they do hire ANYONE. The recruiters call you and say they have your resume, which nine times out of ten, they do not and it's just on a whim; everyone is perfect for the job, due to MULTIPLE positions, which is SALES out of the office and if they don't think you would be good at that, they will convince you to recruit for them to make them money while they sit around smoking cigars, talking about how much their cars costs and how others are losers if they aren't making at least six figures a year, which in most cases, are the people that are working under them. They hold interviews two times a week, EVERY week.

They expect the recruiters to have AT LEAST 8 people show. The reason they are hiring so many people is because essentially this is a pyramid position; the guys on the bottom get squash and they are the ones who are out for sometimes 15 hours a day putting wear and tear on their cars and never seeing their families, while the men above the little gofer are doing nothing. Simon Arias is opening up new offices yes, but that is because the offices he has now, the people to call, bother and harass are getting slim. Also young little boys run all of these offices except for the main Pittsburgh office.

I have seen so many shady operations going on that if American Income Life Corporate offices knew what goes on, believe me if AIL or the department of insurance, Arias would be back on the "streets" in Ohio. Arias calls himself a Christian and he does all of this good because of his faith, but to me it is a hoax. I am no more holy than any other man here on earth, and who am I to pass judgement on someones faith, but what I can tell you is that the Lord doesn't want you to give JUST SO YOU GET MORE IN RETURN, which Arias seems to think.

Go to the interview, make your own decisions and go with your gut, usually if something is too good to be true, it is. American Income has changed many lives and has turned people around but like I said, it is not for everyone.


I agree. I've seen peoples lives get changed that have this job.

The money and pay structure is incredible and no joke. But you cant be lazy and you have to want it. A lot of sales jobs don't even provide you with a script.

Some people just want the boring and comfortable job, that's fine. They don't have to ever make good money either.


Hey, check ANY 100% commission position and you will see about the same thing. You, the individual will have to absorb most if not all of your own start up costs.

Also, the money for licensing doesn't even go to the agency...that's used to pay for your REQUIRED precert before you can get take your state exam. This guy obviously doesn't know what he's talking about.

Another case of somebody wanting something for nothing. A lot of that's going around.

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Bobby B Jss
map-marker Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Arias Agencies - Employment Interview Review from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Simon Arias is a liar and a *** man. Dont let his lies about money and happiness blind you from the truth that he is an evil little man who wants to use you.

The interview process is all lies. Actually everything that i experienced there was all lies. Simon and TJ, they should make a spoof of dumb and dumber they could call it, "Lie and Liar."

Dont waste any time with Simon Arias's american income life, they will use you like they used me and everyone else that i met in that office. if one person doesnt get used by them because of this post then it was well worth it.

Arias Agencies Reply:
Thanks for sharing your experience with us. We love spreading the opportunities our Company offers. Visit to hear success stories.
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I was recently sent an E mail from their Wilkes Barre lactation telling me that they came across my resume' on line and they were "Excited" to speak with me about the Management positions they had open and could I please contact them ASAP. Well, I'm employed but am always looking for a better deal.

I've found out a long time ago that at least in PA loyalty is a one way street when it comes to employment.(PA is an "AT Will" state which means if you are not in a union or not the employer you have no rights)

Anyway, I responded to the original E Mail, no response. I sent a 2nd E Mail, no response. I then tried to call the # listed on the E mail and it went to a voice mail. I left a message.

After a week went by and I didn't hear anything, I sent a rather short E Mail to the person who had reached out to me initially. I received an E mail stating she was sorry for not getting back to me and that she had never got my previous voice or E Mails. Hmmm..Ok. She then gave me her "Personal" # to call and she would "Get right back to me".

Cue crickets chirping...

I'd just like to point out that some people like honesty and don't have time to waste on unprofessional people. I wish I had seen this site prior to me wasting any of my time with these hacks. I'll stay where I'm at thank you very much.

Oh, and if someone there who is drinking the company Kool-Aid is going to comment how I must like to "Work at McDonald's" or I must not be motivated, it just shows you're ignorance so save your time and breath.

I am excellent at what I do and am compensated very well. Also, I happen to have respect for people who work in retail or fast food not because they want to, but have to so they can do there best to take care of their loved ones


Yeah, it's a scam. They pay me too much.

836 first week, 901 second, 2100 third, 1150 my fourth. This job is entirely what you put into it. You want the security of hourly pay at a McDonald's? That's your preference.

Call me arrogant, but I'm not content with someone else telling me how much I'm worth.

I'd prefer to be in control if that. It's not for everyone.


I have a friend that received a "too good to be true" email. It's Arias, located in Wilkes Barre Pennsylvania.

She forwarded the email to me, as I am actively seeking other employment as well. It sounded like a hoax to me, then I found this blog, which has confirmed it lol.

I currently work at Satan's Lair and would prefer not to go from bad to worse. Can anyone tell me if it's the company as a whole or just that particular location?

reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-764935

I had worked at the wilkes-barre office for over a year. I support 2 kids and fiance ON PURE COMMISION!

I love what I do. I love what I sell. And I love Simon arias!

People who complain about our company are soft. Arias agencies and american has given me and my family MORE than they promised me!


A friend from who I had not talked to in a few years called me up and offered me a job interview at his company, dress professionally. I was looking for a job and was excited to go. I was back in school after doing work overseas for a few years. I didn't have much direct sales experience, and have never interviewed for a sales position before, so I wasn't sure what to expect, and when I got there, I wasn't sure if this "unconventional" interview process was standard for sales positions. Regardless, I have 7 years of waiting tables, which is definitely sales and customer service related, so I figured why not. It was really odd though.

I got there, and there were maybe 30 - 40 people already there, dressed well. Gave my resume to the administrative assistant... who looked like he was probably a sales agent or manager. Waited a short time for the "interview," which was 5 minutes long. I shared my interview with another prospective employee. It seemed very odd to share a job interview with someone else. The interviewer kept stressing that we needed a positive high energy attitude, and that they only intended to hire maybe 20 of the prospective employees there (this number later changed to 15). She explained the interview process will consist of that 5 minute interview, then a big 2 hour seminar, then a third phone interview later. In the seminar, the product we'd be selling was sold to us, then they went into crazy detail about the compensation we'd get. They kept pushing us to take notes, and it felt like they were trying to imply that they were definitely watching us to make sure we had the qualities they wanted. All the employees there seemed super happy and cheerful and friendly and excited the entire time, and kept talking about how much money they made. It kept being stressed that hard work is necessary to succeed (yes, I know thank you), and it felt implied that if you didn't succeed it was definitely because you didn't work hard. Kept saying how loyalty and hard work was important. I decided not to close off any opportunities so I stayed for the seminar and gave a loud testimonial as to why I felt this would be a good fit for me and what attracted me to the job, tried to seem eager and happy, but I was skeptical. One guy started getting choked up, almost cried when it came to be his turn to speak about his interest. Said he felt that this was where God intended him to be. The speakers had a placid smile, nodded and said "great!" Lol. Some of the prospective employees who spoke actually sounded very professional, I wondered what they thought about it all.

I felt like I was at a cult initiation.

Anyways, the compensation works like this if you're interested in hearing about it:

We were there to sell insurance to various unions' members. They stressed that there'd be no cold calling or anything.

If we sold 4 plans a week, we'd get $725 that week. A $300 weekly bonus was also promised.

2 plans = #175

After a few months you could expect to be promoted and you'd receive +5% pay, and you'd supervise 1-3 people, making a small commission off of what they sell.

Each promotion seemed pretty much like this. Slight increase in pay (I'm guessing pay refers to your commissions, as there is no base salary), and an increase in how many people you supervise, getting a commission from their sales. Seemed similar to those multi-level marketing meetings I kept getting invited to in college, except I wasn't selling energy drinks.

As mentioned before, no base pay, all commission. You also had to pay around $200 for training for a state license. I read elsewhere that other people paid up to $6-700 at this company for that license. I immediately wondered who was making profit off of this training and licensing procedure... I'm guessing the company. I'm very wary of companies that require up front training costs, I used to do some modelling, and there were many scam agencies that would appeal to your sense of vanity, charge you money up front for photos and model training, and would leave you high and dry without any jobs. I got the impression that this was similar, except instead of appealing to your dreams of modelling internationally and being super handsome/beautiful, they were appealing to you being a super duper professional, working hard, making money and calling shots haha. If you look online there is also a youtube video of "What a AIL house party looks like." Flashy cars and big houses and hot girls. Okay.

A number of people left during the seminar, the speakers did not try to stop them or anything. After the seminar was over, maybe 20 out of 40 people were left. I talked with my friend briefly, caught up a little bit, then he went back into business stuff. I remember him being a pretty good guy, so I wanted to give him the benefit of a doubt. It seemed like he was a bit brainwashed or something, everyone working there did. It felt like I was being sold a job, and they were trying to make me feel like I was trying really hard to get it. Anyways, I thanked everyone, and told them to have a nice day. Then I went home.

I got called 3 times by them later that night for my 3rd interview, didn't pick up the first 2, 2 voicemails, thought it was interesting they'd be so eager to call me. I picked up, conversation went like this:

Her: "Hi XXXX! This is YYYY from AIL! Wanted to talk with you and follow up on a few things from the interview!"

Me: "Hi, YYYY, thanks for calling. I think I might not be interested in taking the job at this time, but I really appreciate your time and consideration!"

Her: "You might not be interested, or you are not interested?"

Me: "I'm not interested, sorry."

Her: "Well, actually you weren't one of the people we chose, but we wanted to get your feedback on our interview process!"

(Ok, lol, then why did you call me 3 times, and double check that I wasn't interested? Don't lie to me lady, you offered everyone who went to the seminar a job, hahaha).

Me: "Well to be honest, it felt a lot like a multi-level-marketing type of thing, the office culture felt a little forced, and I don't think that is the right type of organization for me."

Her: "Well I'm sorry you've decided to pass up on this great opportunity! (You didn't "choose" me? Okay lol) Good luck to you, XXXX!"

Me: "Thank you YYYY, good luck to you as well!"

My impression was that everyone working there had super fake try-hard attitudes because they felt like they needed to to be successful,and if they didn't have an ear to ear smile plastered on their face, they were a *** lazy person with a bad attitude. They probably worked super hard and gave their all to the company, realized they're not making much money, start complaining about it, watch everyone else get super cliquey and hostile towards them, leave the company super angry and disgruntled. I imagine when they leave, the managers would tell the other employees that they:

A) Didn't work hard enough or want it bad enough

B) Just weren't a good fit

C) Maybe say negative things about them to get people to doubt their character.

I get the impression from forums online that the company is intentionally structured to promote MASSIVE turnover. Hire a TON of sales agents at no cost to the company, get them to do all the work of driving around and recruiting, sell a few plans and quit when they realize that they're not making money and they're being used. I see other employees online that give testimonials about how awesome the company is, and they are also slightly disrespectful to the people who disagree, telling them that they are obviously lazy and that "not everyone can be a super awesome businessman like me." I notice a lot of the posts that are defensive of the company are copied and pasted from forum to forum, and sometimes are pasted twice in the same thread! Former employees have said that they forced employees to go around posting these things, and that other people in the company inflated their ratings on various websites intentionally. This seems clear to me from my observations. I'll say this now, I intend on pasting the review of my experience on many other sites, because it seems to me that this is a pyramid scheme scam intended on bilking people who are not familiar with actual insurance sales jobs.

My advice to you people is to stay away from this place. If you work there currently, GTFO if any of this stuff rings true to you. Thanks for reading, and good luck to you job searchers out there!

reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-758106

Well TheNewMLM I read these forums often. To be honest I read this same forum before I interviewed. I was VERY skeptical. I work in the office you're making reference to and I know the exact woman you're making reference to. To be honest everybody gets a call back and not everyone is offered a job. I've seen people turned away before the first interview. I've also seen people who the manager did not invite to the company overview. We eliminate people all the time because union members can make complaints against our agents and we don't want just anybody representing our company. People don't see the behind the scenes.

At most jobs managers are rewarded for the people under them do well. When I was in high school my principal would get a bonus if the school's overall attendance was above 90% lol. Same thing here. If you train people to be very good agents the company will reward you with a bonus. What's wrong with that?

You said that your friend offered you a job. Obviously you trusted this friend enough to come to the interview. We all have high energy (and I can promise you it's not fake). Where else can I make 3k a week under the age of 30? I'm sure you'd come in everyday smiling and excited for work too. That's our culture. We actually expect people to stay. When people quit managers have invested hundred of hours for nothing. When I train people I ask them for a 3 month committment. They must promise me they will give it 3 months to decide if they like it. After 3 months if they don't like it they can part ways and it's fine. If they can't promise me that I don't train them.

The company IS NOT a scheme. We're a member of a public traded company on the NYSE. Torchmark has never been better. In fact us employees have the option to invest in the stocks. On top of that the company gives me flexibility to chose my own health insurance (since they give us just under $300 a month to chose whatever plan we want). And on top of that we obviously get life insurance through the company FOR FREE.

Oh, and as far as the upront fees...the license requirements are from the state of Maryland. You're required to pay for a class by specific licensing companies approved by the state (MD has around 25-30 companies the state has approved) unless you can get a waiver from the state for college classes you've taken recently. Our company gets none of the money. It's sorta like paying for the bar to be a lawyer or the nursing exam for nurses. Our company gets none of that money. The state wants to make sure you understand what's illegal in insurance.


Nobody is making anybody work for this company.

I worked for them over a year. Made 60k in 10 months.

I was offered a position with another company with a guaranteed salary or I would still be with AIL.

Remember, this is a SALES position. It's not for everybody.


I work for ail in NY .. Best opportunity ever..

It really awoken my millionaire mind. and for those who have the average mediocre mind this isn't for you.. Its hysterical how many of these unemployed jobless low class individuals post trash talk on here. I wanted a desk position making $7.50/hr wahhhh wahhh they tried to give me a sales job and an opportunity to make $5,000 a week..

Wahhh i need to struggle my entire life laying bills and living in a trailer my whole life wahh. I cant sacrifice time to figure out how i can succeed in life and be a part of the 5% of this country that makes over $150,000 a year..

Haters will hate.. Jealousy, hate, ***, envy, the 4 The devils of the human mind!!!

reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-733145

Your post is a great example of the typical agent for your company. Rude, egotistical, and immature.

reply icon Replying to comment of Guest-733145

Rather than ragging on the comments that other people make about this company, you should post about your positive experience with them. The fact is this is not a job suitable for everyone and it is wise to check out a company's background to get some insight into what they are about before sitting down to interview with them.

Don't knock down people who earn $7.50/hr especially if its earned honestly. Not everyone has the qualification or the mental capacity to get a job that pays above the minimum wage guideline, but it also does not mean that they don't have the right to complain. I have been fortunate and blessed to have a job that keeps me comfortable. I was contacted by this company and I was scheduled to meet them for an interview.

The young lady who spoke to me gave me very littte information about the company and what the job entailed, so I decide to look them up online. I found their website and lgot a profile on what they were about. I also saw and read some of the reviews and made my decision that this was not for me. I contacted the company and respectfully decline the invitation to interview.

Don't berate another person's experience or opinions that is why we have the priviledge of a democracy. Offer an intelligent opinion of your experience so that others can make an informed decision.

Anyway that is my humble opinion.

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Brenda B Nps
map-marker Jacksonville, Florida

Don't Waste My Time!

Amanda Valentin called from 904-****-**** and left me a message wanting me to come in and "interview" with Arias Agencies. First of all, she didn't specify what position it was for and I know I did not apply for a job with that entity.

I researched Arias Agencies on Pissed Consumer and realized they were most likely recruiting for a scam involving insurance sales. I called the phone number back and was automatically transferred to a "Victoria". She asked me if I could come to Jacksonville TOMORROW MORNING for an interview. When I asked what job it was for, she said there were multiple positions, all the way from sales to management.

Yeah, right. I have NEVER heard of a company that was worth anything just bringing in people *** nilly Wtf if the position was worth having. I make a six figure salary, sister, and you want me to call off of work from a well paying, stable job for a cattle call? If you really looked at my resume, you would have noticed that I do not mention sales anywhere.

Guess why?

I'M NOT INTERESTED IN SALES!!! If I were, I would state it!

Don't waste my time.

Arias Agencies Reply:
We have contacted the Agency office that handles your area and asked them to discontinue contact with you at once. We apologize for any inconvenience this situation has caused you.
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  • Vagueness when attempting to lure people in for an interview
Reason of review:
Shady recruiting
Preferred solution:

Do not call random people who happen to have the word "insurance" in their resumes. Just because I work in the industry does not mean I want to sell insurance. You are wasting people's time. I am so glad I decided not to go to the "interview".

Naeem Eqe
map-marker Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania

Fake Job posted

stars-rating-full stars-rating-full stars-rating-full stars-rating-full stars-rating-full
Arias Agencies - Fake Job posted
Arias Agencies - Fake Job posted - Image 2
Arias Agencies - Fake Job posted - Image 3
Updated by user Aug 16, 2018

Stop posting fake ads and playing with people who are out there for some genuine jobs. In the second screen shot (attached) the jobs posted by you can be seen with different titles, but actually that's only one job you advertised under different titles to mislead people and waste their time by calling them for interview as happened in my case.

Original review Jul 17, 2018

They do fake advertisments, I never apply for commission based jobs. Their posted job said 'salary based', the job title was Management Coordinator'.

I was called for an interview and was told in the interview that the job was purely commission based door to door sale, always on the rood with no expenses given. So it was bassically salesperson job, I don't understand how it's a management coordinator job.

Before going I told the lady if it's a commission based then I am not interested but she said it's a management position so I assumed she is genuine. That was a clean cheat/lie.

They think people are stupids and work for them for free.

Arias Agencies Reply:
Thank you for your feedback. We appreciate you taking the time to come in and interview for our AIL opportunity. We sincerely apologize if the communication in the job ad was confusing or misleading in any way. We wish you all the best in the future.
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Reason of review:
Work Experience or Job Application
Preferred solution:

Let the company propose a solution

1 comment
Jeziah Hir

This company is still up to its deceptive hiring practices. Job posting listings state for customer service rep but it is really for a sales person for life insurance.

Annaleigh Oew
map-marker Gibsonia, Pennsylvania


stars-rating-full stars-rating-full stars-rating-full stars-rating-full stars-rating-full

Cattle call interview process, they hire anything and everything and that’s why so many people leave. You’re hired to make money for the higher ups who are childhood buddies with Simon so when you catch your manager using your agent number to write fake business to meet his quota, your shunned away because Simon doesn’t care.

You won’t get your renewals, they recode business you sold, to themselves and when the bad business falls off, the agent they fraudulently wrote it under, takes the hit, retention suffers and often times you go without getting paid. Don’t fall for the brainwashing cult atmosphere, you have to be sleezy and lie and bother the *** out of people to sell and make any money. Leads are so worn out, they are being called and contacted by multiple agents at the same time, leading to pissed off union members who never wanted AIL benefits, they simply want the free offer, that’s all. The way they *** their way into family homes via the child safety kits, should be illegal.

The kits can 100% be mailed, people don’t want strangers who have no proof of who they are or any legit identification coming to their house, especially around children. It’s literally a trifold paper information pamphlet with ink to fingerprint, mind you, these agents coming into your home to discuss your children’s “safety” have absolutely NO TRAINING to do so and are not certified to even legally be around children. Some have criminal records, most smoke *** and snort pills, if you have any love for your children, keep these *** out of your home. They claim they don’t solicite, which I guess maybe by definition, they don’t, but they still do door to door hounding people to schedule an appointment, they won’t leave you alone until you just let them in your house and hopefully for your own sake, you won’t be qualified for insurance for whatever reason because if you are and you do enroll, they will take 14 payments, not 12 monthly payments a year, they will hound you year in and year out to get more coverage and won’t stop calling or stopping by just because you already got yourself and don’t request a child safety kit ANYWHERE online, your fire department, police, hospitals and even libraries can give you the same exact thing without begging you and forcing you to buy life insurance.

If you’re a union member DONT FILL OUT the “free AD&D benefit”, that is how they get your information and they won’t stop until you just give in and buy coverage. They claim to be an A+ rated company, which may be true, but they aren’t a 100% rated company, do your research, there are far higher ranked companies who don’t cold call and bother you and those same companies don’t brainwash their employees to become a member of their “cult”.

Arias Agencies Reply:
We make every effort to set up every agent for success and promote a culture of honesty and integrity. We take concerns like this seriously and will review your concerns with the appropriate State General Agent.
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Reason of review:
Poor customer service

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