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Simon is a great guy, with strong morals and determination....those that cant swing the hours or the work load leave...then come on this website and's that far as recruiting: alot of new recruiters really dont have a full understanding of the position and are vague in what they say..this is not a ploy or them being dishonest...alot of people think that a call for an interview is a job offer..IT'S's also not the recruiters place to discuss compensation or positions.. ***, the manager might not even like you..they dont hire's life insurance people, not the key to the Emerald City.....

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Dude, get outta here with that garbage. I was trained by The Regional Director to lie to everyone on the phone.

They dont tell you about the job or money because its all lies. Only job of recruiter is to fill the seats for the horse and pony show.

AND THEY HIRE EVERYONE. EVERYONE!!!car,legs,gullible, check check check ummm hired

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